Scheduled Task vs Direct Run Service in webMethods/SoftwareAG

1. Directly run logging service in child service, and it will not generate any empty logs. (在子service里面加入log的部分,如果直接run service,不会产生empty logs)


2. However, running the same code as scheduled task will generate empty logs. (但如果同样的code,在scheduled task里面运行,就会有empty logs)


3. Furthermore, running logAppMessage inside the loop will generate empty logs. (而且,在loop里面执行logAppMessage,也会有empty log产生)

direct run service:

    run as schedule task,也会有empty log产生


4. But if the end of logAppMessage is placed outside the LOOP, there won’t be any empty logs. (如果把end的那个logAppMessage放在loop外面, direct run service,不会有empty logs)

run schedule task,也不会有empty logs

5. 归根结底,在schedule task的情况下,即使是在子service里面logAppMessage,但如果两个父service在一起运行,就会有问题


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