Re-import Schema File in webMethods/SoftwareAG

  • The schema file (document type file) has not been updated for a long time. And it is missing several fields, so it needs to be re-imported.

(Some document types in IDE have not been renewed/updated for a long time. They are missing several fields and need re-import.)

  • This is the old document type


  • Remove these 3 lines in the new XSD.


  • Then add the following lines in the XSD at top level, under Document_List tag.

<xs:element name=”APPOINTMENT_LIST”>



            <xs:element ref=”CONTROL_HEADER” />

                <xs:element ref=”APPOINTMENT” minOccurs=”1″maxOccurs=”unbounded” />


                <xs:attribute name=”xmlns” type=”i3plStringID”use=”required” />

                <xs:attribute name=”xmlns:xsi” type=”i3plStringID”use=”required” />



  • Re-import the new XSD after backup.


  • Choose root element


  • PS:Just keep this line of xmlns:xs


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