logAppMessage Empty Entry Issue in SoftwareAG

  1. If you want to log specific transactions in framework, you will need to put logAppMessage outside of the LOOP; otherwise, it will generate empty log entry. Like this simple test, it will have only one REPEAT:

It will have 2 empty entries.

2. This is also why there are empty logs in my EDI project. Bottom line is there should be only 1 logAppMessage in a flow service. (这个也是EDI那个项目里面的empty log的原因,一个flow service里面只能有一个logAppMessage)

3. So it has to be coded like below (所以只能像下面这样code)

it will display correctly (显示的才是正确的结果)

4. Update on 2018-08-23

Like mentioned in paragraph3, if child service bundled up in one parent service, and they execute as scheduled job (not manual running), it will also generate empty logs.

这个和EXIT, SEQUENCE的执行/退出条件等都没有关系。

Referenced from my old post.

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